EFFEGI S.p.A makes use of two highly automatized production units taking place onto a 20.000 sqm. surface and reaching a daily production of approx. 26.000 sqm.
Production is based on  various working proceeding such as calendering and coating, and on a wide range of finish meeting every kind of market and fashion inquiry:  printing, embossing, emery, crickling, metallizing and so on.
Its own lab for analysis and research has up-to-dated equipments and cooperates with qualified partners like SATRA, always warranting a steady quality level  in compliance with the most strict international tests.
Its pilot plant reproduces every single working process so it allows to define every production step for each new article in the best of the ways and also giving the chance to realize special sampling in low quantities.
Research activity in cooperation with other Institutes has led to the creation of new innovating materials such as the article LOGIKA, which is an absorbing and breathable lining.
One of the mainpoints of the innovation process of the society is the respect of the external environment through the utilization of modern plants to recover the material.